Thursday, May 25, 2017

Magazine Mosaic Necklace features in the Gallery of Belle Armoire Jewelry Summer Issue 2017

Magazine Mosaic in the spirit of Monet

Recently our ceiling fell (another story for another time but it was due to our A/C).  The only thing that was ruined was.... you guessed it- my magazines that were on the coffee table.  I am so very grateful that no one was hurt. Our furniture was cleaned and restored but…. Oh the sad state of a stack of my treasures (magazines), wet and somewhat crumpled.   What was I to do?  …. Get creating!

With my wet British County Living, I decided to try a paste paper technique to try and save some of the beautiful images..   What I love with this technique is that each pendant, collage or bezel will be different.  With the blending of the papers, the effects can be soft as Monet’s flower fields or vibrant as Georgia O’Keefe.   So if you are willing to part with your magazines, let’s get started and create these works of art…. if you can’t part with your treasured publications, just ask your neighbor for theirs…. Happy Creating!!


A few supplies

Brush the Paper Sealer onto the trimmed paper

Old Magazines
Paper trimmer
Collage glue stick
Metal bezel
ICE Resin®, disposable cup, stir stick 
*ICED Enamels, ICED Enamels Medium, Relique Powder or Acrylic paint (*Optional)
Heat tool
Wire, jewelry pliers wire cutters
Leather Cording or Chain


1.  Using paper trimmer and pages from magazines, cut long strips of varying width

2.  With collage glue stick, glue strips next to and even overlapping each other on the base cardstock

3.  Once a large enough area is covered, lay the template down.

Paper strips glued onto base yardstick
 and the template for the bezel

4.  To cut out the bezel size, with pencil trace and then use scissors to cut out or with a Xacto knife cut around the template through the paper.  Make sure that the paper is on a self-healing cutting mat. Brush on two coats of Paper Sealer and  Set aside.
The paper trimmed heart and 2 other bezels 
5.  Now prepare the bezel with a little bit of ICED Enamel Powder or Acrylic Paint.
Brush on ICED Enamel Medium in the bezel

Sprinkling on the Relique Powder.  Then
heat set with embossing/craft heat tool. 

 6.  Prepare the ICE Resin®  -

*Mix equal amounts of part A and part B in the disposable cup.  

*Using the plastic stir stick and gently fold the two parts stirring for two minutes.

6.  With the stir stick, drip the Resin into the bezel and fill to the edge.  Let dry 8-10 hours
Drying on the Studio Sheet
7.  With annealed wire, thread through the loop on the bezel.  String 3 beads and then create a loop at the top and wire wrap the longer tail.

8.  String the wire and heart bezel onto leather or chain

Sunlight  shinning on my Mosaic Garden

A few fun facts about my Love of Jewelry…

*When I was a little girl, stringing beads was a favorite in our home.  From there the love just grew and the little girl in me, loves to create jewelry pieces for others and myself.

I was inspired to make this piece so I could rescue wet magazines that I couldn’t bear to throw away.

The Best part of Jewelry making for me is the feeling of accomplishment and the absolute freedom to create each piece as unique as the person who will wear it.

 Until next time, Grab a few magazines and enter Monet's Gardens or Georgia O'Keefe's flowers 

A little more abstract bezel, ready for ICE Resin®


  1. Beauty from Ashes! Yes, much of life is temporal, but I love how you redeemed the loss. Congrats on the feature...­čî╗Laura