Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Joy of Journaling Lists – Two Words

There are many books on lists, making lists,  the top 100 lists, specific lists, a list on how to make lists…all of which are good.  I would like to share with you a simple way to add to your journaling or even to begin journaling.  When I was teaching a Creative writing class, we would do brainstorming in our journals.  It was uncensored, free thinking and I would limit the words to a few, like two.  We didn’t have to think of grammar, the sentence police or write with complete thoughts…they were truly lists of our first thoughts, first instincts, those first ripples in the river that create even more ripples…and then the beauty of fluid thoughts leap off the page into a grandeur picture of what is on our hearts.

Each morning, I take a few moments to write in my gratitude journal.  It is a simple notebook from Target simply titled Notes with the months and the dates listed at the top of each page and you circle the appropriate Month and the corresponding date.  Each day, it starts the same…

“I am grateful for…”

I skip two lines and begin to write to the last line of the page.  Sometimes my entries are filled with sentences; paragraphs-  but more often then not, they are lists.   Limiting words, or areas of my life can help me focus on that which I have to be truly grateful—my lists could be endless but my favorites are the two word lists…it gets me thinking of powerful words, feeling, people and even places. 

Here is my journal from today…

“I am grateful for…”

This morning
Lovely evenings
Hearts changing
Thoughts shared
Tears shed
Feelings explained
Healing words
Hugs given
New days
Unfamiliar routes
Road trips
Safe havens
Fresh starts
Happy endings
Journal writing
Mind’s wandering
Hands recording
Love’s story
God’s story
Unending Mercy
Generous Grace
Jesus’ sacrifice
Perfect redemption
Sharing Lives
Soul restoration
Hope eternal
Unlimited promise....

I could see a pattern in my words, the thoughts that came out of where my heart is and who I am thinking of.  You can do this 2 word lists for almost any area of your life.  From light hearted things like Favorite foods… list would begin  like this..

Good Coffee
French bread
Eurpoean butter
Fresh eggs
Dark chocolate....

To the power of friendship…my list would start with...

Share Burdens
Celebrate Victories
Listen intently
Cry together
Laugh together....

The focus of just two little words can become light-hearted, thought- filled, or perhaps, fill your heart's reservoir.  If you  are new to journaling and would like to begin ....or if you have written for years and perhaps seem to be stuck, in a rut or out of words, you only need two little words to get you started… Begin Now.


Until next time,  Sending Love!!

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