Thursday, December 8, 2016

Candle Cover ups - a quick holiday gift idea

I love candles.  the scent, the flame that flickers softly and the beautiful jars that they come in.  However, what I do not like are the labels that are that strongest stickers ever.  it ruins the beautiful ambience when you see $3.99 on the jar or where it was purchased...So I have decided rather than to fight the sticker, I'll just leave it there and then cover it with beautiful paper, ribbon and little floral touches or holiday sentiments. Using hot glue for the elements and a paper adhesive such as Mod Podge or the Xyron adhesive.  This is perfect for any occasion but here is mine that sits by the sink,..oh so much prettier than the price...

Holly, ribbon and a red velvet flower adorn this jar. 

Choose paper that fits the theme and then die cut a desired shape.
I like to adhere mine with the xyron machine adhesive.
Until next time,  Hope your home is filled with the scents of the season....

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