Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Reflections from my soul to original writing by Chantal Johnson

His Love is as vast at the ocean

Reflections from my soul to yours…

Normally, I share a new art project, a trip or a family event.  Today, I am sharing what is on my heart.  I wrote this reflection in June as I was in the midst of healing from surgery.  I thought of who I am (good and no so good), what I have done (good and not so good) and my thoughts brought me to the One who makes all that I am and all that I have, his and he redeems me and sets me on his path…which is way better that mine! I hope this resonates with you…I put a few scriptures to help us learn to rest in his peace and see his goodness towards us… And for my friends who find their paths on a different road than mine, I hope, this too will resonate with you as we travel this daily living together…

I am …

A gatherer
A doer
A dreamer
A believer
A try-er
A wish-er
A writer
A reader
A listener
A talker
A giver
A teacher
A traveler
A painter

 I am an experience-er.   I have lived, loved, and lost. Lived in the south, homes and apartments. Loved dogs and hens, horses, the Cowboys, but most of all, loved people. I have lost my keys, track of time and yes, people, and relationships. I have had victories, defeats and ties. I've had highs, lows and in betweens. I have seen God’s gift of grace more than I have felt his judgment. I have received redemption rather than his rejection. I see his word is truth where my truth falters.  I have had miss steps, fallen steps and wrong steps and yet my feet are firmly set on his path.  When I feel as if I can't in this day-to-day world, he is already in my tomorrow, cheering me on. He sees my past, is in my present and is planning my future and all is well. Whether I feel that I am sometimes good and other times not so good, God is good all the time. He seeks to give his good gifts to me-gifts of love, life, and forgiveness, freedom from my not so goodness,  his grace, his joy and his happiness. My good gifts pale in comparison to his gracious and loving gifts.

When I make it hard to see him, he gives me eyes to see his goodness. When I can’t hear his voice, he whispers. He asks me to lean in and rest, be still and know that he has it altogether and I don't have to. Whew!! What a relief he brings.

Relief- yes, the breathing deep, shoulders down, defenses down kind of relief. When I give my life's brokenness, my worries, my tired self, to the One who brings rest to the weary, wholeness to the broken, and assurance to the worrier-I can truly breathe in his rest, his wholeness and his assurance and feel relieved.

What do I do with this new rest, this new assurance-I must pass it on to others, to help their brokenness, their worries, their tired selves, and what exactly is "it"-it isn't an it. It is he. It is Jesus, the author and finisher the beginning and the end, the giver of good gifts, the one who delights in me and in you. The gentle whisperer, the ever present help in times of trouble, the ever encourager in our day to day world and the One who will meet me where I am and love me for who I am but will challenge me.  To love and give as he has, to be authentic and genuine, to live a life of love, to speak with grace, to have a pure heart, to offer friendship as it has been offered to me.

And sweet friends,  that is what makes the experience worthwhile- that no matter the road, be it smoothly paved or cobblestone, you and I are not alone!!
                                        - I am© Chantal Johnson, June 2016 

Until next time, I am here for you but better still He is here with you!!!

Ps 130:7
Eph 1:7
James 1:17
2 Samuel 22:37
Psalm 17:15, 66:9
Psalm 62:1,5
1 Peter 5:7
Psalm 55:22
Psalm 34:18
Proverbs 22:11
Hebrews 12:2

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