Thursday, July 7, 2016

Classic Centerpieces with ICE Resin®, vintage bottles and your creativity

Elegant Centerpiece with ICE Resin®

Happy July!! We are home from our time in Florida...Ohh, how the water, waves, sand and shore can renew and refresh my spirit... I hope you have a place like that....I actually have a few places like that......the Beach being one of them but also my home, my studio, my little plot of earth....It nourishes my heart and gives me time and space to create, to cultivate and to...clean....that is part of everyday living, isn't it?  Well, on the ICE Resin® blog, I found a few moments to create and celebrate with an elegant, Classic centerpiece that can be made just one time or a million times.... It's perfect for weddings, showers, parties or just your kitchen table.  Grab a few vintage (or new) bottles, ribbon and of course ICE Resin® as we see how wonderfully easy it is to cast images either in sugar craft molds or molds using our silicone putty.  Here's the link to creating and inspiration your centerpieces....After it's done, you might have just a little cleaning to do:)

Until next time, Find that place that can nourish and renew your spirit....and yes, a little bit of cleaning too.

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