Monday, April 11, 2016

Round Top Treasures in my Rearview mirror

At Marburger Farms

We make reservations..we put it on our calendars...we look forward to it... we count down the days... we make lists, plans and it seems that it takes FOREVER to get here and then in a blink of an's over, gone, done, in the history books and then..... we make reservations...we put it on the calendar and then the WAIT begins......This is not the theme to the never ending story but it is the story of Antiques week which happens twice a year in Round Top Texas and the surrounding small communities and cities that display their wares of antique, vintage, retro and new. WE LOVE IT! We have been going since 2000 and I feel like it is home for 12 days of every year- 6 in the Fall and 6 in the Spring.  I love this place so much that yes, I looked at the window of the local  Round Top Realtor where there were flyers on the window and thought (I actually said to Presleigh)- "We might should look into  that 4 bdrm, 3 bath on 7 acres so when we come down, we would have our own place."  Ok, so 12 days does not make a majority of our time here but the anticipation, the joy, the backroads, the friendships, the people, the treasures, the restaurants and  the traditions  we have continued since we started -all feel like HOME.

This Spring, we started on our journey...Tuesday morning is Chik-Fil-A and then on the road through South Dallas Highways to just before Waco where we make our first stop along the way to Ross Antique Mall.  It's right on the would be a crime not to of course, we stop.

Right off the I-35

After searching for treasures up and down the aisles of all different booths and vendor, we make our purchases and head back down the highway to Rudy's in Waco for lunch and then just around the corner is La Salle Antique Mall for another round of treasure hunting.  After La Salle, it's onto HWY 77 which gets us out of the mainstays and onto the country 4 lane highways that feel like a Sunday drive in the middle of the week.  Pastures, Fields and small towns are in full view and all of life begins to slow, there's breathing space, there's dreaming space....For the rest of the week, it's revisiting the past, refreshing the spirit and refocusing on the possibilities.  It's seeing memories and special times as we walk through the fields- saying "Oh my grandmother had one of these...Isn't this an old_______? Why did they use those?"  It's treasuring the past and being grateful for the present.  It's putting fresh purposes onto worn-out, out-dated and the cast aways.

A bit overcast but look at road...we are the only ones
on it!!

I wish I would take more pictures but I get lost in the moments, or perhaps I'm in the moment that a smart phone doesn't seem to fit in to the view.  But I did manage to take a few and with Presleigh's pictures also, you just might see why this is HOME (for at least a few days of every year) ...And for now, marked on  September 27th of our calendars, we anticipate, we make lists and we plan....and we wait...

Here are a few more pictures of our trip...
New - old stationery that has never been used....

The best steak house...we eat there twice!!

A wonderful friendship 

Perfect spot for a picture

A few of our treasures....

BEST KOLACHES EVER!! We eat there every
morning!  They actually know our order!

Breathing Space....

Wish I could sit under that tree with a good book...

A carefree day with the cows

Love the Buntings and the Coca Cola sign...

The Coffee Bug- best ICED Coffee!

Treasured Classics

Cows next to fields....

Brick oven Pizza at Marburger Farms

Dreaming Space

Until next time, Hope you'll find a little breathing space and dreaming space right where you are...

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