Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gift Card wrapping with Ribbon, Paper and Sizzix

A beautiful way to give a Gift Gard
For me, I usually like to give gifts that reflect the intended recipient and present the gift in a festive and beautiful way where the wrapping is almost as great as the gift.   When the Holiday season is here, Gift cards can be the safest, quickest and best choice for some on your list but not very fun to wrap.  So with a little paper, ribbon and a great Sizzix die, you can present the gift card in a handmade pocket that also becomes part of the gift.  You are able to put a little "you" in the present.
Here's what you'll need....


Paper -double sided card stock works great
Ribbon - I used seam binding here but any soft ribbon would work
Ink - color of your choice
Sizzix die - BIGZ notecard by Brenda Walton 
Eyelet, Eyelet setter
Stamped sentiment
Vintage sticker, optional
Glue gun, glue sticks
tape runner or glue stick
Embellishments such as charms, flowers,..

Sizzix die -by Brenda Walton

If you need to make several, die cut 2 layers at a time


1.  Using the sizzix die, die cut the paper for the notecard, the pocket and the tag.  Ink edges if desired.

2.  Using a glue stick, adhere the sides by folding on the scored lines.

3.  Cut a long piece of ribbon, Wrap around the front and tie once.  Thread on charm and then tie one more time to create a knot.

4.  Tie the ribbon 2 times to create four bow loops.

5.  Using a glue gun, adhere the holly underneath the ribbon and secure the ribbon also.  Now add flowers to the center of the bow.
A close up of the embellishments

6.  Now for the little tag, using an eyelet setter, set a jumbo or large eyelet.

7.  On a vintage sticker, stamp small sentiment

8.  Thread smaller piece of ribbon through eyelet and then loop through the git card.
the little tag with vintage sticker with stamped greeting

I place mine in a self-adhesive cellphone bag.  This die also has a notecard that fits inside.  You may need to trim the  card to fit with the gift card.

Until next time, may you find joy in giving and wrapping, too....Merry Christmas!

All ready to give to that special someone
on your list
 **I am not compensated by Sizzix for this blog post. I just love to share inspiration, techniques and to create everyday!!

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