Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Summer sun...

My new summer beach book bag...tutorial coming soon.    
We are heading to Amelia Island, Florida tomorrow in the wee hours (well 7:25 but we have to leave our home around 5)... But it will be well worth the early sun rise to see the Ocean, Sand, and Sun.  I've packed magazines, my traveling jewelry making kit, my traveling art journaling/stamping kit and my needlework and crochet traveling kit....of course there are some clothes in there somewhere.  In the words of my sweet Savannah, all we need is a swimsuit, a good book and a cover-up.  Presleigh, my extraordinary shell finder is ready to add to her collection of shells (me,too)... the guys will be golfing.  There will be deep sea fishing, shopping, eating, swimming and seashore sitting-- but most of all, there will be togetherness!!!

So before I go, I wanted to share good news..Sew Somerset (publication) hits newsstands on June 1st. This is by far one of the best sewing mixed media publications that I have ever seen...I was so excited.  humbled and honored to be a part of this issue.   My sewing notions technique article are featured on page 30-34.  I hope you enjoy the following photos - This is one of my all time favorite pieces that I created...

They even kept my pins the exact way I had them:)

Love my crochet holder!!!

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  1. I, too, take a traveling project bag on every trip. As long as I'm just sitting there in the car....I might as well be creating! Then I can have project "show and tell" time with whomever I'm visiting - always fun!