Monday, January 16, 2012

Paint Spill 101...

Paint Spill 101...

What do you do when a gust of wind blows over and spills 1/2 of the quart of Annie Sloan Paint on your garage floor?

Do you ...(a) freak out because you are watching $$$ become a puddle?
(b) scream knowing that you are creating another messy situation?
(c) call your kids to come and help paint everything in sight--knowing that paint on the floor is still wet paint that can be used?
(d) all of the above!!

D is the correct answer. There are stages in spilling like stages in loss -only not quite so deep and devastating. I was painting a bookcase in the garage today albeit that the weather was gray and windy but only 70 degrees--perfect painting weather. I was working on the underside because the first coat of the topside was dry when all of sudden a huge West Texas gust of wind blew through my garage - the only problem is I live in North Central Texas and my Annie Sloan Paint was on the floor near where I was sitting. And in a moment, no a second over 1/2 of my brand new filled to the brim quart was all over my floor- I freaked out, I screamed and then called my girls from the garage and said "Do you want to paint?" So we did..we painted the rest of the bookcase, a set of paper mache boxes, easter eggs and a few other little items.

Paint brush in hands, we saved the day. Only a few causalities..a disney world red jacket, a pair of workout pants and Savannah's freshly manicured nails. Oh and the new spot on the floor of our garage - but at least it's quality paint and such a pretty shade of Old White.

Now to wash the paint off our hands, hair and feet - yes I paint barefoot -Don't you?

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