Saturday, January 8, 2011

A new Joy

After Christmas has been put away, I long for a soft palette of creams, calming wintery whites and a touch of vintage silver. I am not a neutral gal as our home has many colors throughout. We often tease that we have the Red Room, the Blue Room and then the Ocean Room, just too mention a few. I am a lover of many colors as some create energy, drama, or a sense of relaxation. But after the reds, greens, lights, ornaments, Snowmen and Santas- it is good to just have simple, soft and soothing.

I hope you have already found joy in the New Year and that your daily living is enriched by those that you love and love you in return. I hope your New Year's Resolutions include finding joy in the everyday. Sometimes that is harder than the typical resolutions such as weight loss, fitness, spending less money (of course, those are on my list too). Joy can come in so many ways. We tend to think of joy as a life without challenges, sorrows or just inconveniences. Let me turn that around....Presleigh received a Thesaurus for Christmas (She was bored with using the same words), So I thought I would look up Joy - so here are some words we can use to see that there is indeed joy in our lives -- Delight, triumph, great pleasure, jubilation, joyfulness, bliss, exuberant, happiness, gladness, rejoicing, treat....this brings to mind someone I know who has beaten Cancer..She triumphed - She has Joy! my son, had an accident at the Gym on Tuesday and has a compressed vertebrae fracture - I am rejoicing that he does not need surgery, nor a brace - He will heal in time and have no permanent damage, just some inconveniences... We have joy! In these two circumstances, many times we don't see Joy...But if we look harder, Joy lies beneath what is seen. I pray that your journey into 2011 will be filled with wonderful times, wonderful people, realized dreams, exciting endeavors but above all,remember, There is joy in our journey...

Until next time- Blessings,

P.S. I am not sure what happened to my font...It's kind of wierd!!
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  1. Chantal, I am with you. There is joy to be found in every day, just because we are alive and here and present. There is joy in the smallest things as well as the large. I found joy in meeting and connecting with you and your lovely mother and sweet family too. Great post. Love, Pam

  2. Good Morning Chantal~
    I am so happy your son wasn't hurt terribly and that he will heal. Joy is everywhere if we take the time to notice. Sometimes that is hard to do. I am experiencing joy as I look at the new fallen snow.