Thursday, June 10, 2010

It has been said that children become chatterboxes at night…I prefer to call it the dreamer’s lullaby. I was reminded again of the age of innocence and imagination. All too often when I lay my head on the pillow, my body and mind are so tired from the day’s daily living that I close my eyes without a an imaginative thought. Rather it is the “to do” list that is running through my mind. Last night, I was lying down with my youngest daughter, as is our goodnight ritual. We say prayers, and then usually she says “I love you, goodnight” which is her signal “No talking.”

Earlier that evening, Presleigh had begun to write a story as she often does. It is almost a daily occurrence. She has written stories about girls who become spies, girls who become animal trainers, and girls who settle a town and of course, girls are the heroes of the stories. As our bedtime conversation turned to her stories, she asked me which one was my favorite. It was so hard to pick just one, so I named a few. She asked if it was good to write stories and have imagination. I emphatically said “Absolutely.” Then she asked if I still have imagination but before I could answer she answered her own question. Her answer was a resounding “Yes.”

Where did she see my imagination? Where did I see my imagination? I get caught up in the “to do’s “of the day, of the running here and there, doing this and that.

She then explained “ In your art. Mommy you have to imagination to do what you do. “ I smiled and thought – We can still be children at heart with imagination and creativity. In our homes, in our careers, in our relationships, imagination helps us see beyond today. Creativity helps what we imagine come to be.

Some of us have imagination and never do anything with it. Yes, as children we became superheroes, kings, and queens, we could sore the heights, which gave us the ability to think beyond our limitations. As adults, our imagination can be used to create avenues to help others, to better the world in which we live, to move beyond our limitations. I love that our God, the Creator, has the most awesome imaginative mind but that his creative spirit did not remain only in thought. By his words, he created the heavens and the earth. He created our very being and the beauty that surrounds us. Our God is truly awesome!! For who could imagine that we, though sinners, are saved by grace, redeemed by love and called to be his children.

The next time you lay down on that pillow, instead of the “to do’s”’ running through your head, why not talk to your heavenly Father about his favorite story- The cross, the greatest love story ever told. And then imagine how you could share that story with your children…It will become the all time favorite!!

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