Sunday, September 6, 2009

Tidbits and Tassels - an art gathering

Tidbits and Tassels - August 29, 2009

All I can say is WOW!! I can't believe our art event is over...I just finished cleaning up the studio. With the bits of paper and ribbon strewn all over the work table and trinkets here and there, I knew we had a great time creating together. Thank you to all of the wonderful, creative women that came to share the day with me. It actually started out on Friday night where a few of us were able to meet at Chili's (you know it is like no place else:))...It was fun waiting in the front area for women I had never met...and wondering how I would find them. I spotted creativity the minute they walked in the door!! For the next 2 hours we talked, laughed and ate and shared like lifetime friends. It was a great feeling!!

Saturday arrived with the coolest weather we have had to date...a nice breeze and low humidity (good hair day in Texas), we began creating for the next several hours. We once again, talked, laughed, ate and created. The tassels and alpha cards that were made were all beautiful and unique to the artist.

It was great to be with like-minded women who understand the ribbon-overload, the paper supplies that keeps growing ( it must be the water:), and the many trinkets, charms, and the pure joy of running your hands through typewriter letters to find just that right letter!! The sharing of supplies, knowledge and ourselves made this day one I will never forget!

Let me take the time to thank each one of you ladies that came. I was honored that you chose to spend the day with me. It was fun to be with all of you and I look forward to the next "Tidbits and Tassels"--Be looking for more info in the coming months. Until then, Happy creating in whatever genre you enjoy... I truly loved sharing this day with all of you!!


P.S. If you couldn't join us this year, make plans for next year. We would love to have you!!!


  1. The projects turned out beautifully! Looks like a wonderful time!

  2. It was truly a wonderful day Chantal! I've been bragging about it on my blog for a week now! Not to mention the MANY photos I posted that truly showed how much fun we really had.
    THANK YOU for being such a generous and gracious host, opening your heart, home and studio with us!!!
    everything vintage

  3. Chantal~
    I have been hearing about this great event and seeing the wonderful pictures from Jodie @ EV. Love it all...and congrats on your Blue Ribbon win at the Texas State Fair!

  4. Hey chick!
    I had the best time ever! Your truely a natural host! I cant wait till the next one. Thank you so much for throwing this event. Big hugs


  5. wow! wnat fun...maybe i can join in next time might take a bit of planning since i am from nc but what a worthwhile and sounds like funtastic time.

  6. I've never had a creative weekend with other women like your event. I'll bet it is so satisfying to spend time with people that totally understand you! Congratulations on your successful creative weekend!