Sunday, August 9, 2009

Tidbits and Tassels - an art gathering

I am so excited to announce the first Art workshop/gathering at My Studio on August 29th. Those attending will be participating in two workshops...although to us, this is definitely not work but play....Perhaps they should be "playshops"!!! This is a pre-Silver Bella event so we meet and get to know one another before the Awesome Silver Bella!! Silver Bella (a paper art event) will take place in Omaha hosted and created by Teresa McFayden. I am looking forward to meeting these sweet ladies who love to create and have fun!! It will be a time of food, fun and art. Hopefully this will be a start to many art gatherings...Hope you will be able to make it over to the studio and play!!


  1. Hi Chantal!
    I am on your RSVP list girl! Did I tell you how excited we (Sarah & I) are about coming to the big state of TEXAS to be with you talented girls??? WE ARE SO EXCITED!
    You are such a sweetie to host this...I so appreciate it!
    Counting down the days~
    everything vintage

  2. Wish I could be there!! This traveling is getting old. Still love my table - I think of you all the time when I pass it in the hallway.
    Love you lots...

  3. I am just thrilled you girls get to have this time together. Anxious to see you all soon at Silver Bella!

  4. I know you live in youhappen to live in Fort Worth...I would love to attend one of your gatherings if you do..

    please visit me at:

  5. Found you from Jodie's blog, what a wonderful time it looks like you ladies had :)