Friday, June 19, 2009

Once begun..Finally Done!!!

All I can say is YEAH!!!! Our major remodel is done...We have been enjoying the pool since May 29th.  It took another 10 days to cure the plaster and then it became a salt water pool.  I honestly didn't know how they would make it a salt water pool...chemicals, maybe??  Nooooooo, they just added 400 lbs of salt to the water and Voila..salt water.  Did I feel a little silly!!!  Our outdoor kitchen/living area is awesome.  We eat nearly every meal outside and enjoy the view.   Nature is back in our yard.  I began a new herb garden with 17 lavender plants, 2 rosemary, basil, dill oregano, thyme and mint (in a pot, of course).    My studio is in the process...we are waiting on furniture and are moving things each day.   I am being inspired as I move things (that I forgot I even had).  My goal is to have all the things that belong in the art studio in there before we leave for Florida on the 29th.    Thanks for following the journey...It has only just begun!!!



  1. How nice! I've heard that salt water pools are just great.

  2. Wow Chantal! Is this where we are going to spend the beautiful day in August???? {squeal} It's so beautiful!!!!!!!
    everything vintage

  3. Congrats on the remodel -- the salt water pool sounds intriguing! Can't wait to see photos of the new studio.

  4. What a beautiful job you did on your outdoor living space! I just checked out all the pictures on Jodie's blog, from her fabulous escape weekend at your TO. DIE. FOR. studio. Boy! What fun. COurse Jodie is taking her time (LOL) posting all her pictures.
    And you are going to Silver Bella too?
    Gosh, I'm really feeling left out . . . I missed the sign ups. :(
    Loved visiting your blog!
    Have a great day!
    Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds