Thursday, October 19, 2017

Reminders from a Reclaimed Mirror featuring etchall® crème

I found this mirror on one of our treasure hunting days in Canton (TX). I actually passed it up (only for a moment) …the price was too good to be true so I didn’t think it was. I looked at and then moved onto the next booth. But it was just nagging at me to go back and to double check the price… So, I did “Is this mirror really $4.00?”. “Yes” was the answer and money changed hands and I was now a proud of owner of a not so perfect mirror that was going to be perfect for my new kitchen wall!

Etching was immediately on my mind.  I love to etch mirrors- it can be a little tricky when removing the crème but with a little a patience and practice, it turns out beautiful every time!! With etchall®, the etching is deep, beautiful and permanent!  On mirrors, the etching also adds to the beauty as it reflects what is in view and the words or images gently create depth and richness. Reclaimed or Used Mirrors are easy to find at treasure (thrift) stores, garage sales and estate sales and sometimes it’s easier and a little less stressful to try something new on an inexpensive item.  Once you’ve finished one mirror, you will be on the lookout for that perfect looking glass to etch your next word or beautiful image!  Let’s get started….


Painter’s tape
Stencils of your choice
etchall® crème- you may need a larger quantity, depending on the size of your mirror
etchall® squeegee
paper towels
glass cleaner
rubbing alcohol


1.     Clean mirror with glass cleaner and then follow it with rubbing alcohol. Make sure it is free of lint, dust and dirt.  Let dry.

      Using stencil spray, spray back of stencils.  Give it a minute to get a little tacky and then place on mirror.
2.     Using painter’s tape, tape securely around your stencils and cover every part of your mirror that you do not want etching.  ***This is so important.  As you can see in the photo, I covered the entire mirror.

3.     Using squeegee, spread the etchall® crème over the stencils.  I try to spread it in the same directions so as not to move the stencils or accidentally spread the creame under the stencil.

4.     Set the timer for 15 minutes
5.     Using squeegee, pick up the crème and put it back in the jar! Remember the crème is reusable!!

6.     Using a wet sponge, wipe the remaining crème. Once all crème is sponged up, remove all painters tape and stencils. You can clean it one more time with water but be sure you have all the crème up!! Let it dry.

Until next time,  enjoy your beautiful mirror that also will remind you of just how loved you are!!!


  1. Fantastic! Sayings are so big right now. You caught the spirit. Thanks for using our new stencil spray. Kudos

  2. When ever you put a picture on Pinterest, please have a bottle of etchall in the picture. Thanks!

  3. Can you use vinyl for the stencils?

    1. Laura, yes you can and be sure to use the etchall® adhesive spray

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