Monday, August 14, 2017

Start saving for Pumpkin Spice Lattes with your very own #psl bank featuring Mason jar makeovers with etchall® creme

It's almost #PSL coffee time!!

With Fall fast approaching, so is #PSL season...Pumpkin Spice Latte for those of you who have forgotten the new flavor of Autumn.  Forget apples and caramel, Bring on the #PSL!!  To get ready for the anticipated arrival, I designed my very own #psl savings bank using a repurposed jar, a mason jar lid fitted with the coin slot accessory, stencils  and the most wonderful etching creme and liquid, etch all® creme and dip 'n etch®.  I am so honored to be on the etchall® Design Team where I can share, teach and hopefully inspire you too.
a close-up of the charms

This was such a fun project to make and shows the ease in which to transform an ordinary jar into one with extraordinary purpose...saving for the cool, crisp days of autumn and enjoying lattes by the fire...who am I kidding?  In Texas, it still will be hot and we will be in summer clothes but the lattes will still be enjoyed...Let's gather our supplies and get started.


Smooth jar that can be fitted with a mason jar lid
Mason jar band
Coin slot accessory, available here
etchall® creme, available here 
etchall® dip 'n etch,  available here 
etchmask, available here
Diecutting machine
Pumpkin dies
alphabet stencils
Plastic container
marbles- to be used as weights

Pendant glass with metal frame, available in jewelry department of your local craft stores
Mesh Ribbon
Paper flowers
jute ribbon
Glue gun, glue sticks


Using a die cut machine such as a Big Shot or Cricut, cut out pumpkin stencils and the appropriate initials.  Remove the negative space and place on the jar.  We are creating the resist- the area that is not to be etched.

Measuring  and marking

Place jar filled with marbles into a plastic container (marked for etching only).  Fill with water to the the desired etching height. Remove jar.

marking with a sharpie the level needed of dip"n etch

Using a marker, mark the level of water.  Pour out the water and dry the inside of the container.  The marked line will be the measurement for  the dip 'n etch liquid.
The Magic is happening!!

Pour the liquid in the container and then set jar (filled with marbles) inside.  Set timer for 15 minutes After the 15 minutes, take the jar out and rinse under warm water to remove any liquid.  Pour all the dip 'n etch back into the original jar.  ***Rmember it's reusable!!!**
Make a "Re-Use" sign to help remember to reuse!!

For the initial charms, adhere stencil to clean glass squares. Tape down onto a non stick craft mat.  Spread etchall® creme onto the stencil.  Be sure to cover generously.  Set time for 15 minutes. Once time is through, return creme to the original jar.  Rinse the stenciled glass under warm water before removing the stencils.  Then remove stencils and dry with a towel.

Etching the tiny initials!!

Following directions, assemble the metal square frame around the glass and adhere the flowers as desired.

side view of jar

Assemble the jar lid and place onto the jar.  Wrap ribbon mesh around the jar and tie in a knot.  Adhere flowers as desired.

Using jute, tie the charms in a banner to go around the jar lid.  Wrap the jute banner around the jar lid and tie securely.
The stencils were created with the Circuit™ Machine

Now search all pockets, purses and drawers for change to fill your #psl bank and let the good times fall in to place as you prepare for the new season that is almost upon us.

Here are a few more photos...this was a bit challenging to photograph..but hopefully you can see all 4 sides of the jar, the charms and even my Coffee sign!!


Another side view

Love my Coffee sign!!

the pumpkin is perfect surrounded by etched glass

getting ready to etch

Covering the the creme and setting the timer, along with
my friendly reminder to reuse my etchall®

Until Next Time,  make the most of the summer moments and get ready to savor the flavors of Fall!!


  1. Chantal:

    #1 put your whole heart into your work.
    #2 do not just do one item, you always couple with many ideas and projects
    #3 comment......your colors always blend
    #4 are great
    #5 comment......Thank you!!!!

    1. Barbara - Thank you so much!! I had so much fun creating this..I am so glad you like it!!