Monday, April 24, 2017

Two for Texas featuring etchall® creme and two techniques for two different styles for etching glass

Two jars found there way in to my studio....what to do? etchall®!!  This was such a fun and quick project and yet the result is Texas-size beautiful!!  

Using my Cricut and the etchall® etchmask, I cut a 3" stencil of Texas.  On the first jar, I used the stencil outline along with the etchall® creme...set the timer for 15 minutes...poured the creme back in to the jar of etchall®, rinsed, removed tape and stencil and....TEXAS!!!  I added some jute and a hand painted ICE Resined wood heart.  I just love this jar!!!  And whatever will go in it,  will shine as bright as the stars at night....

Nestle the jars between two rolled up dishtowels

Tape all around the jar so as not to spread the etchall®
creme in unwanted places

Pour enough creme to cover entire surface.this one could
have even had little more creme....

For the second jar, I used the solid Texas from the stencil and used a slightly different technique...texturizing or stippling for those of you in the "Stencil World." Once "Texas" was adhered to the jar, I used a sea sponge to dab etchall® creme to the entire jar (except the Texas area)...set the timer for 15 minutes... rinsed, removed the Texas etch mask and...the jar was etched in a beautiful allover textured pattern while Texas was clear and crisp just like our perfect Texas evenings in the fall.  To finish this jar, I added white seam binding, a heart etched with arrows and a little dangling heart!!

In this texture technique, do not reuse the etchall® creme as it is not
as thick and you do not want to smear the design!

I do love all thing Texas and with etchall®, it was easy to add the great state to a few repurposed jars!!

As an etchall® Ambassador, I love to share with you tips, techniques and projects for you to be inspired... Here's one more inspiration wishing you JOY as big as Texas!

This jar is filled with flowers of joy---the etched
 background is perfect for dry erase markers!!!

For more wonderful ideas for using and purchasing etchall® products and to learn more about etching, please visit their website.  

Until next time, I hope your day is etched with great memories and great joy!!

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